Mabel Leon photography

On my site you will find beautiful home decor photos through Wall Art as fine posters, as well as pillows, mugs, blankets,  mouse pads, photobooks and more everyday items.
Beautiful surroundings matter, because we are nourished not only by what we eat, but also by what we see.
So, take a look around and get beautiful items for yourself or to gift to your loved ones.
Our tagline: "Lux et Design"
“Lux et Design” means "Light and Design" and it is our tagline.
On one side the word photography comes from Greek photos (light) and graphe (drawing/writing), this means that photography is the art of writing with light.
On the other side the word Design, comes from Latin prefix de (direction from top to bottom) and signum (sign, symbol) Therefore, the action of design, designare, means to trace, mark, order, arrange.
Then, through the photographer's eye, by choosing the shot, you make visible what you chose to emphasize about the reality you are photographing.  Your photo is your design, it is your message written with that image, thanks to the light and your decisions.
My photos are of simple scenes, I use whatever I have at hand and play with the lighting to create different emotional climates. 
I believe that even the tragic and complex can be shown in a simple way.
So then, the edge of a table, the kitten looking at the light, the pieces of mirror or my childhood chess set can become interesting.




Thank you very much for placing your gaze on these pages and
for a moment, stopping your way and sharing it with mine.
Mabel Leon firm photographer