Chess in peacetimes – The queen and the king – 7769



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“Chess in peacetimes” is an ongoing project that is born in my reflections on some situations that I lived and the question about whether there is chance, destiny or strategy. The action takes place “in times of peace” because the pieces outside the checkerboard do not form an army at war and thus create their own game, no less sacred and unfathomable.

On this path, I am accompanied by the question “What God behind god the plot begins, of dust and time and dream and agonies?” (Borges, 1964) and a sort of answer ” We cannot avoid the time we have to live, but we can decide what to do with the time we have left” (Tolkien, 1954).


“Chess in peacetimes – The queen and the king – 7769” was taken at Guarulhos airport, Brazil, in 2016.

The space and time of airports hold a kind of mystery. I see them as an immense and dynamic platform where “points of union and separation” are constantly generated between people, with all their variety and intensity of emotions and styles.  And the space, looks different.


Thank you very much for having rested your gaze on this photo and for a moment, having shared your path with mine.



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