Theme: The metamorphosis of the queen

“The metamorphosis of the queen” is a series that represents the transformation of the queen after a love breakup.
The lady and the king in love leave the board. After a time, they experience a crisis and separate.
She begins an introspective journey and struggles against her memories, because healing a love wound always implies an invisible transformation – a metamorphosis.


This is possible thanks to the effort to accept and inhabit the present, which requires the movement of letting go the past. That is an inner change.


“Every ending encloses a new beginning” says the I Ching. “Lock up”, therefore, this work is necessary to free oneself from old yearnings or actual pains and allow the new beginning. If it does not happen, the risk is to remain, forever, in this ending.
An ending followed by a beginning is a possibility, it is not a fact. The passage of time itself is not enough, because emotionally, deep down, time can stop and the person remains in the past. As the ancient Greeks use to say, there is a god for the objetive time and another for the inner processes and they do not always walk together.


All the photos in this series were taken on the dining room table, with natural light and at dusk, with the help of my bicycle’s light.